Explorer Rewards 101

Your handy guide to understanding the new program —
what’s changed and what you’ll continue to enjoy .

  • You earned rewards on
    food only
  • You got a $10 reward for
    every $100
    spent on food, excluding alcohol
  • You had 30 days to use
    your reward
  • You will earn rewards on food,
    furniture, décor and more
  • You will get a $10 reward for
    every $200
    spent across our store, excluding alcohol
  • You will have 60 days to use
    your reward

Exclusive coupons, offers and events
Coffee Reward: buy six 12-oz. bags of World Market coffee, get one free
Member pricing on wine and beer, where permitted
A Special Birthday Surprise


Have a question? Check out our Program Changes FAQs below – they’re chock full of answers that will make your Explorer Rewards experience as seamless as possible.


  • What changes are you making to the World Market Explorer Rewards Program?

    We are replacing the Gourmet Food Reward with the new Shopper Reward, where Members will:

    • Get a $10 Reward for every $200 spent on qualifying merchandise purchases, excluding alcohol and gift cards
    • Get 60 days to use their Shopper Reward instead of the 30 days for the Gourmet Food Reward

    Why are you making changes to the World Market Explorer Rewards Program?

    Our Members asked to be rewarded for all of their purchases instead of just gourmet food purchases. Plus they want more time to use their reward.

    When are these changes happening?

    The first day for the new program is October 15, 2013.

    What will happen to the Coffee Reward?

    There are no changes to the Coffee Reward. To learn more about the Coffee Reward please visit WorldMarketExplorer.com/rules.

    What is happening to my other Member benefits, such as Coupons, Wine Member Pricing and My Birthday Surprise?

    You will continue to enjoy these benefits. To learn more about these benefits, please visit the “Program Perks” page on WorldMarketExplorer.com. Note: Member Wine Pricing only applicable where permitted by law.

    Do I need to register or update my profile to participate in the new program?

    No, you can continue to use your current program information in the new program. Your existing World Market Explorer Member ID, email address and other profile information will automatically be transferred to the new World Market Explorer Rewards program.

    Where can I find more information on the new program?

    You can find FAQs on the new Shopper Reward below or view the full rules for the new program at WorldMarketExplorer.com/newrules.

Gourmet Food Reward

  • What is happening with the Gourmet Food Reward?

    We will be saying goodbye to the Gourmet Food Reward. But don’t worry! Gourmet Food purchases will qualify for the new Shopper Reward. The last day to earn Gourmet Food Spend will be October 14, 2013.

    What will happen to my Gourmet Food Spend between now and October 14, 2013?

    World Market Explorer Members will continue to earn Gourmet Food Spend and a $10 Gourmet Food Reward will be issued for every $100 in qualifying food purchases. Please allow up to 5 business days for your final Gourmet Food Reward(s) to post on WorldMarketExplorer.com.

    What will happen to my Gourmet Food Activity Balance after October 14, 2013?

    For World Market Explorer Members, once the Gourmet Food Reward has ended we will double your final Gourmet Food Activity Balance on WorldMarketExplorer.com and transfer it to your Shopper Reward Activity Balance. For example, if you have $50 in Gourmet Food Spend on 10/14/2013, you will have $100 transferred to your new Shopper Reward Activity Balance. Please allow up to 5 business days for this transfer to occur.

    Is October 14, 2013 the last day for me to redeem a Gourmet Food Reward?

    All Gourmet Food Rewards will be honored through the expiration date stated on the coupon. Gourmet Food Rewards are valid for 30 days from the date issued.

Shopper Reward

  • What qualifies for Shopper Rewards?

    Members will get rewarded for nearly all their in-store and online merchandise purchases. Alcohol, gift cards, discounts, taxes, shipping and other fees are currently excluded. A $10 Shopper Reward coupon will be issued for every $200 in qualifying purchases.

    Why is the Shopper Reward threshold $200 instead of $100?

    The $200 threshold allows us to reward members on nearly all of their purchases, instead of just on Gourmet Food.

    Is there a limit to how many Shopper Rewards I can earn?

    There is no limit to how many Shopper Rewards a member can earn. Shop away!

    When does my Shopper Reward Activity Balance Expire?

    Shopper Reward Activity Balance will not expire as long as you make an eligible purchase within 18 months.

    How do I get credit for my in-store and online purchases?

    You must enter your World Market Explorer Member ID at checkout to receive credit for qualifying purchases. Retroactive credit for purchases made without a Member ID will not be granted.

    Is there a minimum purchase required for the Shopper Reward Program?

    No. Any eligible purchase will add to your Activity Balance.

    How will I know that I have a Shopper Reward?

    Once a World Market Explorer Member has earned a Shopper Reward they will be notified by email. Members can also check their Shopper Reward status at any time by signing in to WorldMarketExplorer.com and visiting the My Rewards page.

    How do I use My Shopper Reward?

    There are two ways to use your Shopper Reward:

    1. Print and Present Coupon at checkout: Sign in to WorldMarketExplorer.com and print your Shopper Reward coupon in the “My Rewards” tab.
    2. Show your Coupon on your Mobile device at checkout: Sign in to WorldMarketExplorer.com and display your Shopper Reward coupon.

    When will my Shopper Reward expire?

    Shopper Rewards are valid for 60 days from the date issued.

    Where do I go to check my Shopper Reward status?

    Sign in to WorldMarketExplorer.com to check your Activity Balance and Reward statuses on the “My Rewards” page.

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